Trakai History Museum

Inv. No. GEK-6454

Address: Kęstučio str. 4, Trakai

Time of origin: 1887–1911

Place of origin: Central or Western Europe

Material, Technique: bronze: casting, chasing; remains of gilding

Dimensions: height – 77 cm, diameter – 62 cm

A massive stem-type chandelier is cast of bronze. Its stem resembles a twisted torch, surrounded by three putti figures. Shown halfway, they raise the torches, and instead of their legs, there are narrowing tail of an acanthus leaf progressing to a widening and rising torch-shape arm for a light source. The chandelier is designed for light bulbs. Although fasteners at the end of three arms have not survived, the chandelier probably had the flame-shaped caps.

The art piece of elegant silhouette probably adorned the secular private or public interior. The plastically curved arms of the chandelier have the features of art nouveau style, and the décor is attributed to a period of historicism. Based on this, the typologically rare chandelier can be dated to the late 19th – early 20th century.

Literature and sources:
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