Lithuanian National Museum of Art

Inv. No. TM-455

Address: Arsenalo str. 3A, Vilnius

Time of origin: 1887–1911

Place of origin: Central Europe

Material, Technique: copper alloy: casting, chasing, imitation of gilding; glass: casting, polishing

Dimensions: height – 70 cm, diameter – 20 cm

Thick strands cover a stem of the small chandelier. In the upper part, they form a tent and in the lower part — a basket. Four sconces are fixed to the thin undecorated ring with a repoussed ornament of leaves cast on their sides. The chandelier is not electrified; it was made to use candles for light. However, drip pans (sauces to catch falling wax) are rather small, more decorative than functional. A waterfall beneath the chandelier terminates with oblong pendants at the ends.

The shape of the chandelier beads and the nature of the machining of metal parts allows dating the item to the late 19th – early 20th century. The chandelier indented for a small chamber interior could enter the Lithuanian National Museum of Art from a small Lithuanian manor or a wealthy city apartment.

The wrong combing of the pendants is currently spoiling the harmonious authentic image of the chandelier. The restorers should take care of this in the future.

Literature and sources:
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